How To Know When It’s Time To Start Potty Training And How To Get Started

By about week two of changing diapers, you’ll probably be ready to get your child potty trained.
However, a newborn still has many skills to learn before they will be able to go to the bathroom by themselves.
Your child’s behavior will give good indicators if they’re ready to begin potty training:
● They know when they have to go potty and have bowel movements at a fairly predictable time
● They show an interest in the bathroom and what other people do in it
● They know what wet and dry mean
● They can follow simple instructions like “go to the door”
● They are in a generally cooperative stage, not an argumentative one.
These are just some of the signs that your child is ready to learn! While some children are ready between 18 and 24 months of age, others aren’t interested in learning until they’re closer to 3 or even 4 years old.
Here are some tips that will help you as you get started with potty training:
Praise them for every bit of progress, no matter how small
Potty training is all about the many small steps leading up to them using the potty all by
themselves! Even if they just tell you they have to go poo or pee, but don’t make it to the toilet in time, they are at least gaining awareness of when they need to go!
Pick out their potty together
Getting your little one involved in the purchase of their potty can help build interest and excitement about the process!
Allow your child to become familiar with the bathroom and their toilet before a potty training session
Playing potty will help your child feel comfortable around the toilet and more relaxed when it comes time to start using it. Let them “potty train” a favorite toy and encourage them to sit on their potty with clothes on.
Reward their success
If your child has been using the potty properly for a week or more, then they’re probably ready to try training pants or cotton underwear. Let them pick out a style or print at the store as a reward for their hard work! While they may not have it down perfectly, learning how to use the potty successfully is a milestone worthy of celebration.
While they still may make mistakes (and wiping skills need improvement) products like Skiddies can help you from having to purchase more pairs of “big kid” underwear
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