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Finding a solution to a messy parenting problem.

SkiddiesUSA was created out of a need to help children transition from diapers to big kid underpants.   The idea for Skiddies came about when Matt and Natalie Aten’s eldest son had graduated from pull-ups into his big-kid underpants, and had yet to master wiping. As time passed, dealing with daily stains became a constant struggle.

When they were away from home, Natalie always carried several pairs of underwear in her purse.   If stains appeared she would change his underwear and usually throw away the soiled ones. Natalie hated to do this because it was not only financially wasteful it was environmentally unfriendly. However, it was also very unhygienic (not to mention unpleasant) to carry the dirty ones around in her purse all day.

They figured there was a better option on the market and their search began. They scoured the internet, boutiques, and big box stores for something made just for that problem – and found nothing. So, the idea for Skiddies took shape. Matthew, a mechanical design engineer along with Natalie developed their first prototype. After showing a few of their friends their idea, they found that they weren’t alone in the skid mark struggle and that many parents did in fact throw away underpants if they were badly stained. 

Matt and Natalie’s quest for a solution continued to an extensive search for top-quality materials they would feel comfortable using on their young children. After months of research and testing, Matt determined that a soft 100% cotton liner was the best solution.  Instead of using paper or other fiber products, Skiddies are made from a soft and super thin 100% cotton that kids cannot feel. Matt and Natalie were extremely conscience to make sure they were not intrusive or uncomfortable. The adhesive that holds them in place is FDA approved and will keep the Skiddies secure for a day. 

UNDER-RIDERS are a natural next step from SKIDDIES.   When adults noticed the ease of use and comfort of SKIDDIES for their kids, customers asked about a larger version that would do the same thing, except for full size folks.  Lots of people mentioned that they have occasional drips, leaks and even some skid marks from time to time.  UNDER-RIDERS were created to fill that need.  They are exactly the same materials with the same qualities as SKIDDIES, but larger in size.  One size fits all men’s and women’s underwear. 


Skiddies are made in Grand Prairie Texas, USA.

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