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Skiddies were created to help save big kid underwear as children transition from diapers. 

Potty-training our kids went as smoothly as it can. But while they mastered making it to the toilet, making sure everything was clean afterwards took a little longer.

Many moms carry several extra pairs of panties or underwear with them in case of skidmarks. When they change their kid’s underwear, the soiled ones are thrown away because parents don’t want to contaminate the other items in the wash.

But we thought there should be a less wasteful solution than throwing out otherwise perfectly good underwear. We searched high and low for a product that would fit what we needed and couldn’t find any acceptable options.

It needed to be something very soft, so the children would not bothered by it, and thin, so they wouldn’t even remember it was there. It also needed to be easy to use and in a convenient, easy-to-carry package perfect for purses or bags.

After lots of research and testing, we created Skiddies. Instead of using paper or other fiber products, Skiddies are made from soft 100% cotton that is comfortable to the touch. The adhesive that holds them in place is FDA approved and will keep the Skiddies secure all day.

They are thin, soft and not intrusive or uncomfortable—and keep skid marks off of underpants! Perfect for your kid who no longer needs a diaper, but hasn’t quite mastered wiping. 

Skiddies is a family owned company based in Grand Prairie, Texas. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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